USDJPY and what's up  

04 Aug 2011

Intervention by BOJ to price of USDJPY  to was. I think that it is give only short term results. Two-three month and USDJPY became lower 80 (if shell upper then 80, current 79.30).
I think that current steps only help to solve USA his trouble with debt. And became to growing reserve in dollar by BOJ.
I don't know what is intervention, and other don't know detail by it, but when I read in news that: "BOJ To Increase Purchases Of J-REITs By Y10B" (Dow Jones Newswires), I think what will in future?
May be interesting think: 2 August USA up the debt, and 4 August intervention, and it absolute size is two waters drop.

Who next? I think that it will Swiss National Bank with his trouble of stronger franc. He help solve other same America's trouble. And what happened when world national bank be ended?
I think not enough terrible. Not terrible for America, and for economic system who have minimum dollars actives (actives=assets, in financial meaning).Russia language have beautiful household term "trouble with small debt it is trouble of debtor, but trouble with big debt it is trouble of who give debt". And how you think whose trouble with big, and very big debt?
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