Be or not to be.  

22 Sep 2011

It very interesting state, when you may take what you want. Some time ago I dream about double my broker account. Now when I see it, I have different feelings. I may close my market position, and return money to card. And we may live further day by day, and don't reminisce. I about exchange market, exchange market about me. But...
Now I look at market, and I think that if I close my position, I kill my golden cow. I sure that all only beginning.
So... A think that in future we may see it.
Why I write about it? Because I think that needed remember this fact. I'm can make money. And it so cool!!!
P.S. 1: May be it entry answer for</wbr>tml. Current profit 100%.
P.S. 2: Can be formulate "honest investor" conception.
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