About Investment at this week  

09 Dec 2011

So... Most of time price was over 1.232, and I have pleasure trade. Result of it - is down average price of my portfolio to 1.2498. It is good result after my error at 23 November. Now I'm deleted all order, and began waiting for 15 December. In next week I expect see hysteria about SNB. Grow floor or not grow floor. I think that 50/50. It is very expensive for SNB, but from other hand ECB is friend. And friend have very and very low cost in USD. 1.33 and lower some time - I think it is bad for Europe. So... If SNB grow floor for 1.3 it is give EURUSD fundamental support, and EUR fly to 1.41. At moment all troubles around bad Greece, Ital and etc go to American big deficit and stronger Yen. Meanwhile we make money:)).
P.S.: I'm alway have opportunities resume trade before 15 December, if I'm decide that it is needed.
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