Chapter II or Antinazi statement.  

20 Sep 2011

We kill thereof Nazi!!! And we kill all Nazi who try posting, thinking, playing or somewhat doing in his live. Now we may build a new world without wrong opinions. Our flag have white color, because we named us "White antinazi UUU" (USA, United Kingdom, Ukraine). We accent that UUU no UUtU (because not the Ukraine), and not UU, and not any variant, because we kill all. And we kill you!!! Fearing if you have some different thinkinsesise. We new Antinazi wave from NZ!!! We build our company around kangaroo and monkey. And all people who open it start envy us. But such mans less and less by time. Because we kill it!!!
Our kindly organization it is open for every one, and it very simple to enter in her. Our simple checklist:
1. Exactly Ukraine.
2. In day or night may continue "Cobzar" from any sentence.
3. Learn English.
4. Perfect learn English.
5. Exactly perfect English.
6. Better that exactly perfect English.
7. If you may only "Better that exactly perfect English", you may fucking fist and second point because it is marasmus, but without it we can't be multi-language and wold peace organization.
If you have black skin see jobs for garbage and toilette. (we must take care about any people, it does not matter what color of you skin).
Also we have proposition (we take this word from Ukraine) for yellow and red skin!!!
Welcome to new world!!!
P.S.: Pay to this account 4487552211124552 100$ and stop the shot to head poor Panda.
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