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27 Sep 2011

Well... In Russian I very likes conjunction. And when I write in Russian, I always use it. When I was at school, I don't likes English lessons. More English was created terrible feeling in my soul. Teacher tell: "first learning all irregular verbs...". "Fucking irregular verbs" I thinks then. After irregular verbs they began to rack us with "audition", "dictation", and (likes remember some time ago my friend) "we want all full understand enemy's language" and "have Cambridge accent" added my mother.
It is really terrible. I'm Russia, and my family live in Ukraine, and at that time we must learn Ukrainian at school, all lessons taught in Ukrainian, at home we speak only in Russian (for me best speak in Ukrainian), and as "wonder" addition I have two English lessons in week at first year, and at six year I have every day English plus Ukrainian, and one or two hour of Russian, if teacher don't ill.
Think about... my mother work at school teacher of Russian language and literature. She have every day dialog with me about beautiful Russian tongue. "Fucking Russian, I already have Ukrainian, and foreign English. What is Russian??? We live there, let's "спілкуватися" I was thinking then.
It situation was created disgust for linguistic. I'm really believe that I don't understand grammar of any language at any time. And I went to mathematics and any natural science like physics, chemistry. This science was same, without consequences of language. E=mc^2. In English. In Deutsch. In French. In any language about I knew at that moment. Now I'm understand how I'm mistake. E=mc^2 have sense only in European culture. For my happiness I knew only about it.
And why I write about it?
Because I want write about "wikilanguge" at next. About beautiful knowledge that live after linguistic question. I want write about history as I understand it. And mankind as I look it.
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