About Investment  

26 Nov 2011

Today I'm analyse my bank account. My settlement with Broco is -11.91 Rub. I think that it is zero. Therefore I'm review my investment structure.
broco: 0.
forex.com: 1000€
My current Broco account have more than 8 000€. I'm planed grow it about 20 000€ for New Year.
As I write I'm resume all assets from forex.com. It have two reason:
1. I haven't more time for manage this account.
2. My primary brocer is Broco. And I don't seen reasons migrate to forex.com.
My plan about forex.com - when my assets grow, that Broco can use only small leverage, I'm resume to build my strategy at forex.com. If I'm work at forex market. If I'm merge to CQG with ICE and CME, may be I'm stay at Broco. CQG talk that he have one of the best speed of order processing.